Mrs. Amazing and The Seed is the first book in an award-winning series of fun, mysterious, witty, fantasy, science adventures for ages 10-100!  These books challenge kids and adults to think for themselves and live with courage. 

Read about a funky family that dares to be different as they fight sinister forces seeking to indoctrinate and pressure them to conform and keep them from finding the reality of Wonder. Enjoy books that will empower your family to live with purpose.

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Mrs. Amazing and The Seed

“Mrs. Amazing and The Seed” is a fiction – science – fantasy piece for kids 9-12+. It takes readers on a fantastical romp with a family that refuses to conform to the pressures of the elite powers that seek to control their kids. Risking everything to be different, they enter a transformative realm that is wildly mysterious, creepy, and wacky.  The book not only explores the miraculous world of botany but also the very nature of life itself!

If Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, Shel Silverstein, and your favorite science teacher all got together to write a book it would almost be as good as “Mrs. Amazing and The Seed.”

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